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Dear Friends of Cuba 4 Christ, Inc.,


-Cuba 4 Christ, Inc., is so grateful for people like you who PRAY, SUPPORT and GIVE so we can continue to share the hope we have in Christ with the people of Cuba. 


-C4C appreciates your partnership. 


-Prayerful and informed decisions are made in conjunction with the C4C Team Ambassadors, aka, our boots-on-the-ground, as to the use of the donations and gifts to help missionaries, pastors, and families across the island.


-Many of the resources you supply provide much needed food, funds, and medicine. 


-God continues to move forward in Cuba.  Several years ago, we met Rafael.  He had a history of living on the streets.  Rafael was an alcoholic who slept in an abandoned train car.  After Abel, a C4C Team Ambassador, met and ministered to Rafael, he became curious and wanted to know more about Jesus.  Several weeks and many gospel conversations ensued.  


-In one of the conversations, Abel presented the 3 Circles, an evangelistic tool.  Rafael realized his need for a Savior and decided to become a believer!  


-A month later, Rafael finished a time of training and joined a team of street evangelists.  Today, Rafael serves in El Calvario Baptist Church as a greeter and faithfully shares his story on the streets of Havana.  Rafael continues to give thanks for the new life Jesus has given him.  

Your prayers and gifts help our team as they share the gospel in Cuba.  Even with the restrictions of COVID-19 in place, the good news continues to be shared in Cuba. 


-We are excited to announce an anonymous donor has stepped forward with a generous matching gift!  


-This gift will benefit Cuba 4 Christ, dollar for dollar, up to $2,500!  


-Please consider joining this effort to bless many families, pastors, and missionaries.  Your kindness will assist our team in meeting physical needs, which in turn will lead to more 3 Circles gospel conversations.


-Partner with Cuba 4 Christ, Inc. as we continue sharing the Gospel and bringing resources to ‘La Isla Preciosa.’


-May God richly bless you and thank you for supporting our ministry. Click the donate button on the bottom of the page.

Virginia Hansen 

Cuba 4 Christ Team Director

Cuba 4 Christ   •  561-712-1234



Who We Are and What We Do

Cuba 4 Christ is an organization dedicated to bringing the life-changing salvation of Christ to the country of Cuba and beyond. Since 2006, we have been fulfilling that mission on a regular basis.


Isaiah 54:13

"All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children."

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